Saturday, April 25, 2009

my Birthday Week

Jason and Sarah got away for an evening in San Francisco for Jason's b-day. We got to see Wicked and stay the night at Parc 55. Thanks mom-in-law for watching the kids so we could get away.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

family update

An update...finally. I'm too overwhelmed to write much. So I'll be quick.

Jason- works 16 plus hours a day. We miss him. He has lost weight from the stress of work and looks great, although he is exhausted.

I'm stressed, but have gained what Jason has lost. I've take up running 2 miles a day plus 1 hour of pilates. 3 days a week I run with my friend Sabra. I'm half way through a lot of projects and try not to think about what needs to be finished. I fill my days with exercise, cleaning, cooking, and driving to activities. Once in a while I'll give one of the kids some attention.

Reagan is doing great in soccer. She got her first goal last week. I was so excited that I was jumping up and down screaming. She also is excelling in piano and started swimming. I added swimming as a way for her to gently help her exercise sore muscles from our car wreck in August. She is catching on to the strokes. She is a wonderful daughter and big sister.

Lauren is also doing great in piano. They have a great teacher. She is also in swim and loves it. She always comes home with treasures she finds on her way home. Love that girl.

Ben is doing a co-op preschool. He loves it soooo much. Today they had apple pie at preschool and he loved it. He knows most of his letters and can count to 50. When I go running, he helps me keep pace by riding his bike. He is fast, so I have to be fast weather I want to or not.

Bailey is starting to potty train. She claps and yells, "YEAH!" when she finishes. She keeps me on my toes. I get a little tired of washing the ink and color crayons off the walls from her. I figure she should grow out of it soon... I hope.

Hope I can write soon.... Love you all


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Up way too late! I know you're awake, too, Karen.

This entry is for Karen Mosher. Yes, thanks to you, I remembered that I had a family blog that was intended to keep family and friend updated on our life..... well, I suck at it. So, I will make a list and write big so I can see it every day on the fridge to remind me to update my blog at least once a month. If it happens more often, bonus! I'm sure I could let Karen know at this insane hour that I'm awake, but she is a fellow insomniac who thinks that if we just stay up until 3 am we will magically accomplish so much more and somehow still feel invigorated the next day. So I don't call or email, because she is busy. I know we aren't alone in our thinking, so If you are also a part of this crazy way of thinking, please let me know so I don't feel so insane. Some day I will heed the counsel of my inner voice and get to bed early so I can be chipper and full of spunk the next day and really get something done on my list with efiiciancy and cheer. I'll start tomorrow night for sure. Until then, good night, or good morning??? Oh, ignore my spelling. It's too late for me to review what I've written or to care about spell check.

I should add to my family blog that the kids and hubby are great. I'll add more next month.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My First Blog

Hi friends and family. I've finally decided to take the leap into the world of blogging. I thought of it this morning as I read the last American Idol write-up Jason does weekly. Since Jason is such a great writter, I didn't want his talent to only be used for entertainment commentaries, (as much as I love them). Every day our children provide a lot of material to write about. Occasionally I'll write, post pics, etc., but I'll leave the family archive to Jason. He writes better and spells better, too. (I can't find the spell check on this site???) He needs the creative outlet after hours of tax work....although sticking him in front of a computer to write about our family after being in front of a computer providing for our family might not be apealing to him. Look forward to lots of pics and family updates. What have I got myself into?????